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About me

My name is Abdul-fattah Tayih I'm a senior software engineer at Careem (an Uber subsidiary), based in Amman, Jordan.

I work on the web, and mainly the backend, I enjoy tackling complex issues, clean code, OOP and music

The majority of my work day is spent developing services using PHP and Laravel, but i've worked on different PHP frameworks, and used Python for lambda functions and general scripting

While frontend is not my cup of tea, I meddle with it on an occasional basis, I've used React and VueJS in the past

What I've worked on

I've worked with a lot of technologies, while I like to get as much exposure as possible, my forte is backend, and these are the major technologies I've worked with

PHP LogoMysql LogoLaravel LogoPython LogoTailwind css LogoReact Logo

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